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JayCreer are a small sized company, our business started in 2005, from a small machining shop, now our business has included auto parts, health care prodcuts ,mother&kids products, parts custom made and so on product development ,manufacturing ,retail and wholesale . Now our business has developed in many ways.            
For example, cross-border e-commerce, we already have 10 online retail stores in Express, and in Amazon, we have registered American trademarks, as well as Canadian and European Union trademarks.           
Another key business for us,The spare parts processing and customization business, we have done for 15 years, our main customers are in Australia, the United States and Canada, plan to focus on future development.
The organizational structure of our company:
JayCreer Tech Ltd
His position is in Vancouver, Canada.The company was founded in August 2019.
It is mainly responsible for North American market operations, including sales, customer service, warehousing services, and so on.In the future, we will rely on this company to invest in new projects and design new products, which will be an important basis for the globalization of our business.

NingBo Jaycreer Tech Co.,Ltd
His position is in China,This company mainly serves domestic customers.main functions are product development ,assemble,inspection and packing.also include offline physical store and e-business on internet.

His position is in China,This company main functions are import & export ,wholesale and retail ,and all customers all are oversea customers .We work closely with local small and medium-sized enterprises. All suppliers are strictly aduilted. Many suppliers have cooperated with us for more than 10 years. In the future, we will continue to deepen our cooperation and make common progress, and strive to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost products and services. 

Jaycreer China is located in the east of Ningbo China,15 kilometres away from Ningbo Port, Ningbo Port are one of largest ocean port in the world,and about 10 kilometres away from Ningbo Airport., about 2 hours drive away from shanghai PuDong Aiport .

The main products we supply are:

Years ago ,we start our part custom made business ,for example Auto parts, tractor parts, boat parts, elevator parts, toy parts, and other hardware prodcuts ,our customers are in united states,canada,australia,england, we can custom made for above parts profesionally.With the internationalization of supply chain, we will abide by various agreements with customers, such as the intellectual property rights of customers'products, the confidentiality of parts cost and price, and establish a good image for Chinese suppliers .If you think the cost of production and purchase is too high, please give me a chance to send me your drawings, photos or physical objects by mail. I will give you a good quotation as soon as possible. Thank you. 

A few years ago, we entered the industry of Health Care Products,Mother & Kids products, Home&Garden prodcuts and so on ,and now it is developing very fast, such as wheelchair ,walkers ,shopping carts ,stroller ,baby or chidlren seats sofas, walkers,this is our new business. some products are our own trademarks and patents. customers are also divided into retail and wholesale customers. the scope of our country is wider. now our customers are in more than 100 countries. I run this new business with my family members. the new business has helped us greatly in expanding our business. Our supplier resources are more abundant and the company's profitability is more stable. 
You can find our online-store link by visiting our partners on the bottom of the company website.

JayCreer only sell the right products, the products with acceptable price, the products with standard quality, try our best to meet the customer's delivery time, and always demonstrate God and Mother to our customers !!!

We warmly welcome customers'inquiries and quotations. Although we are a small sized chinese company, but we have an international working attitude, abide by every communication and agreement with customers, create value for each customer and save money. If you feel it is right, please email us via Jayshen@Jaycreer.com,Thank you so much at first!